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I prepaid for a soda card before we went on the miracle 9/14. I wanted that as we had purchased a bottle of alcohol from the bon voyage dept. I was not able to get this from any of the bars I had to go to the Cafe international in order to get it. The pain part was they put a note in our cabin calling it the fountain something or another and none of the employees knew what the heck I was talking about. Personally for me, next time I need one, I'm waiting until we board so I can get it anywhere. But definitely way out the cost so you know how many sodas you need to drink to break even. Ours was 9 day/8 night which really means 8 full days divided by what I believe was $58 total (I'd have to check my credit card statement) So that's 7.25 a day and I want to say soda was around $2 each. Also another FYI, last full day on board a man walked up to the bar we were at and purchased a soda card for the day. So that's another option.
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