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Same as the rest, you want to drink it the dining room, then they will stiff you on corkage.

There are two games going on here.

1/ Some think we can do what we like re booze in port and can take it on board,,,and then they get a shock when its confiscated or when they are asked for a fee to open it.

or number 2/

Been there enough times to know what we can away with and how to play it.

But playing it is getting really tight, bottom line is if you are seen as depriving the ship or line of income, they will kill you on rules. Try setting up your own poker school in a lounge on ship and see how that goes down!!

They are doing these things because they let you sleep and eat for cheap on their ship, and by doing that expecting you to give them more money in other areas, simple. And good on them for enforcing that.

Smugglers, or naïve people thinking they can walk onto a ship having paid bottom dollar to be there, make me think that. I am paying your surplus in the costs I pay for excursions or service or drinks that you cant afford,,,so please go away or take pay the onboard prices or if you bring it onboard the hidden ship tax,,,, I’m so with the lines on this one.

Totally fed up subsidising people on ships that can’t afford to be there and nickel and dime through buying cheaper on shore, and then have the arrogance to expect to present it to the waiter at dinner that night to open for their meal, and as if it should mean 'nothing' to the line.

Reality check, do it pay the excess
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