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Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by Fern
I'm not good at going up the stairs, but I can. We always start about 20 minutes early and walk up (this is the way we'd need to go in an emergency and it's good to practice ).

On cruises where we have to assemble outside on deck, I just tell the crew person in charge that I must be in the front since I can't handle "crowds". I've never had any problem with this.

You cant handle crowds but go on a cruise with 2000 people where you have to wait in a lot of lines etc? Unless youre just saying that to get to the front of the drill then I dont get how you can enjoy a cruise..Just wondering if you were kidding or not..
not related to the post. but briguy. You live close to me. I'm in Antioch and work in Concord. Small world.:-)
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