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"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"... This is the first time we have posted but it looks like you were asking for both good and bad, so here you go. If you want to write us, we could send pics or give more detail. As a preface, we've been on 35 cruises on Holland America, Regent, Silver Sea, RCI, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity, Crystal and others. LOVE cruising!! This trip was the 15-day from Copenhagen to New York:

Food was wonderful. Better than Celebrity. Normally the lobsters are pretty sad but these were fantastic. The Tamirand is a must. Quiet, perfect service and great. Pinnicle Grill really good, but got busy and hectic a few times. One nice plus is breakfast offered at no extra charge for suite guests at the Pinnicle. Really nice way to start the day. The lido breakfasts and lunches on sea days can get pretty crowded. No matter where you eat for breakfast, try their Eggs Benedict. They have mastered the art of making a perfect jiggly yellow eggs benedict. The "As-you-wish" dining on one floor and regular seating on the other was the best of both worlds. Also the Lido served dinner with white table cloths, same menu, and super waiters which is where we ate many of our meals. It was low key and quick. It was a buffet but had great table service. Hamburgers at the grill were great, super sushi, - the pizza was - eh, not incridible.

The staff members were always smiling and joking with the passengers. We never saw a frown even when some disgruntled grumps would growl at them. Always had a smile (even the morning after the crew party).

The destinations were worth repeating. We signed up for Norway, Iceland, Nova Scotia and New York. The captain threw in Greenland fjords because the weather was nice enough to do it and what an amazing bonus! Wow! Glaciers, huge icebergs - it was great.

Entertainment was wonderful interspersed with not so good -or not to our liking. The singers and dancers started out shaky, but by the end, we loved them. The Culinary Arts Center was done well. Melissa was good.
Danny Catt (guest speaker) was on board with us. Not sure how long he'll be on the ship, but he was super. The theater was pretty empty for his first talk. So we sauntered in a few minutes before for his second and it was filled to capacity! Fascinating speaker.

The GPS system following the ship's course on tv was really nice.

As you can see, there were a lot of "GOOD" things on board. Now for
The company got ripped off by the carpet layers. Really bad, such as the seams on the stairway in the theater. We saw one lady trip and fall on the stairs. Our room (8162) had two very different dye lots - a light grey and dark grey seam right in the middle that was quite a conversation piece when people came to our room. In another area it had come up and separated by about 1/2 inch or more for about a foot. Ugly.
Seating in the theater is flat for the first 12 or so rows, then it goes up. So it's tough to see around the person in front of you. Best seats are the first row that is raised.
"Frank" the port lecturer, is arrogant, boring, wanders off the subject, a poor speaker and frustrating. We really tried to give him a second and third chance after the bad first impression. He was bad.
The tender service in St. Pierre was pitiful. However, the ship had only been in service 6 weeks, so we figure they are much better by now. Just hope they don't have fog if you're going to tender. It took us over 45 minutes to ride to town and we walked back quicker (and I'm a slow walker).
THE UGLY: Not really anything. The wallpaper in the bathrooms is coming loose; and they had to replace wall panels. The one thing is the "lovely" chandelier hanging by the Pinnicle Grill. Sorry I can't say what my hubby laughingly called it, but it fit the description perfectly.

The ship wasn't really breathtaking. In fact, compared to other ships, this one is a "Chevy". It was put together more cheaply than others we've been on, and it shows. Our room was an extreme disappointment and was frustrating more than relaxing. Do not get room 8162. The verandah is amazing but the rest of the room negates that. If you are going to pay for category SB, DON'T get that room. No storage to speak of (other SB's had much more), TV blocked the window - lots of other stuff.

We had a wonderful time and the staff, service, food, entertainment (for the most part) was fantastic. How can you not have a good time on a cruise??!!
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