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I too am a SHOPPER and a vacation without a little extra for shopping well,

Since we booked the cruise both DH and I have not pulled change out of our pockets when paying for something - if it is $3.09, I pull out 4 singles and silently think, that's 91 cents for the cruise! At least once a week I have to empty my change into the gallon ziplock I've got going because my purse gets so heavy! This seriously adds up!

Also when I write a check for groceries I ask to write the check for $20 over the amount and I secret that away in the back of my check book where I don't see it. Of course you could do $5 or $10 if the durn grocery bill is already making you gasp and we know it can!

I have great hopes for my "savings plan" - we will see how well I done next April
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