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I am currently in procees of planning at least 2 cruises, 3 if I can afford it, in the next year. I am going to be doing a 7 day in March, plus definitely a 3 or 4 day in August, and maybe a short one this December as well if I can swing it. I am certain I can afford 2 of them, maybe the 3rd if my budget allows. Even though I will likely apply for a secured credit card to put the onboard expenses on, it is mainly due to the fact I only have a prepaid debit card that I am uncertain if it will work or now. Better to be safe than sorry I think. I am, however, making sure the money is there in advance. I have made some bad financial mistakes in the past and I am unwilling to put my finances at further risk. Being that I am also working on opening a travel agency specializing in cruises, I have the fortune to be able to also use this as a business trip and thus have a potential tax write-off. I did notice someone mentioned that it can be similar to a gambling addiction. I think a gambling addict should never be allowed to go on a line with a casino, as that would be a double whammy for them. I feel that in order to do my job correctly and inform clients about each line I need to go on each line at least once so that I can give a personal recommendation from experience.
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