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Default Re: leaving in a week have a few last minute questions

Originally Posted by melissaj426
Ok we are leaving in 8 day on the Triumph and have a few last minute questions.

1.We booked a guarantee room when will we know if we got upgraded.
You should know by now. If you have not already done this, go to, create an account for yourself, enter your booking number...this should show your cruise and cabin number. It is possible, tho rare, that you will not know until you check in for your cruise.
2.Are the only documents we have to print out is the funpass?
No, on the website that shows your reservation find the screen with a button that says "View Documents", click on this and then print the file that opens. It has your Itinerary, contract and luggage tags.
3. we are getting etickets through our airline when do we get those and what do we have to bring to the airport.
You already have your e-tickets...if you want something to carry to the airport, login to the airline site and look for 'online check-in' within 24 hours of your departure time. It will check you in and allow you to print your boarding passes. If you have bags to check you will have to do so at the ticket counter at the airport, if you have no bags you can proceed to security with your boarding passes and proper ID. If you will not have compute access within 24 hours of your departure time, just take your photo ID (passport, etc) to the ticket counter and they will check you in. If you booked your flights online, you can print the receipt that was generated at booking time, but it is not really necessary.
4. Any last minute things that i should make sure i bring?
Make sure that you do not forget your passport or other acceptable ID, depending on where you are sailing. All of the Funpass and cruise docs that you print at home are not actually "required". They are a convenience for you and Carnival. If you show up without them, they can be cared for at check-in. If, however, you do not have a passport or birth certificate/drivers license, which are required, plan on some nice pictures of your ship as it sails off without you.
5.we are planning an excursion through carnival in miami what do they do with our luggage while we are on it and will they drop us off at the airport or take us back to the port?
Call Carnival or your TA and ask this question.

As always thanks for any advice!
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