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I always print my full document to take with me, not just the fun pass. I also print out our travel insurance documents and put one set in each suitcase.

Make sure your luggage is identified on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE!!!! A handy thing I did for making new friends, I created my own "business" cards so that I wouldn't have to find a scrap of paper to write on for new friends!! I did that on one scrap of paper and have lost the email address of someone I really wanted to keep in touch with so if anyone knows Dana from the dance group from Michigan on Liberty May 3rd, tell her to write me! I will be carrying a small notebook from now on!

Don't forget those colored tags that are the last item in your documentation. Print one copy of the luggage tags for each piece of luggage you have. Use those return labels that you get in the mail and stick them to the tag and fill in the balance of your information.

Did you put at least an outfit or two or three in each other's suitcases JUST IN CASE???

Batteries, electronics and anything else in a soft sided cooler to "carry on" and to double as your cooler if you beach it....

VERY IMPORTANT, ONLY BECAUSE I WAS VERY LUCKY LAST SPRING, PUT YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, AND CABIN # ON ANY OF YOUR ELECTRONICS INCLUDING WALKIES AND CELL PHONES AND ESPECIALLY CAMERAS. I attended an onboard wedding and somehow didn't take my camera case (I had my camera) when I left the chapel and on the last day of the cruise, I was fortunate and it was at the purser's desk!!! What's so important about the case you might ask???? It had other sandisks in the case that were irreplaceable!!

Otherwise have a wonderful trip - back to back is a dream of mine!
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