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Originally Posted by debshomespun
Rita: Thanks for taking the time to post all this information on the cruise! I have a few questions:

We have AYW dining on the Jan 4 cruise. Can we be seated just the 2 of us, or can we be seated at a larger table? I would prefer to be seated at a larger table so we can get to know our fellow cruisers.

Regarding the dance classes, what type of there offered? I assume these are free classes?

The "Art of Flower Arranging" class, is there a fee for this?

Can you let me know if at the gym, do they have classes each morning like aerobics, stretch, that are free? What time are they? We like to get up on sea days, and visit the gym for a little exercise before we get started on our day on the ship.

Thanks so much for your help. Sounds like you have settled in just fine! Looking forward to your next posting on todays activities. Enjoy the captains party!
Okay, let’s see if I can answer most of your questions:

The gym. Yes, there are a couple of classes each day … even on port days. Some of them, such as Stretch and Relax, are free. Others such as Yoga and Spinning, have an $11 fee. I believe there is also a gym pass type thing you can buy which gets you into all of the classes offered on the cruise at one set price.

Dance Classes. Just about every sea day on the cruise. No charge at all. There are different types of dancing, such as Jive, Tango and Foxtrot, and the social hosts also attend for those people who need partners.

AYWD. You can call each day for reservations if you prefer and yes, you can certainly reserve a table for two. If you are eating at a very popular time, and don’t have reservations, yes, you may wait for a bit for a table, but if you eat at an off time you can probably walk right in and be seated immediately. Trisha and I have decided to eat at the Lido and in AYWD exclusively now, and since early fixed seating is so in demand, Trisha gave up her two seats there so that someone else can have them.

We had an Art of Flower Arranging demonstration in the Culinary Arts Center the day before Yesterday (Friday the 26th). It was hosted by Linda, the Party Planner, and featured the Statendam’s Resident Florist. It was a free event. However, I recall another such event on the Veendam in April 2007 that had something like an $80 charge. I think the difference between these two events is that the one held on Friday was a demonstration of floral arranging, while the event on the Veendam was a class with attendance limited. Also, with the class, people made their own floral arrangements and got to take them back to their cabins. The charge was probably for the cost of materials.

Hope this helps with your questions.

Blue skies,
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