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Default Smoking?

Just returned, 09-27-08, from Alaskan Cruise on Golden Princess, our first cruise. Overall it was great and would do it again.

The only negative really was the smoke. We would not let it ruin our trip nor obsess over it so much that we would only think of that. But on an Alaskan Cruise leaving the balcony door open was just fantastic for us. Except when our neighbors would come out to light up and the smoke would filter into our room. Great wakeup call early in the morning!

Or while we were trying to enjoy the scenic cruising they came out as well and along with their chain smoking, coughing, & hacking would take away from the enjoyment some. I swear I thought one of them was going to die and we were worried a lung was going to be heaved onto our balcony! A bunch of us would look up at this poor guy and there he was cranking on that cigarette and alternating with his oxygen mask! You just gotta wonder about that?

Being new to cruising I guess it is something we will just have to put up with? Are there smoke free cruise lines? How about smokers’ cabins be reserved to the aft most cabins only? Let them share the wealth so-to-speak?

Again , this was not our main focus but really about our only gripe I guess. Just wondering and thanks.
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