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Originally Posted by DayvidB
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I appreciated in scentiment, but you are missing the basic point, cheap cruise, soke want to do everything cheap, including taking our own booze on board, smuggle

This is not about how you or I react, this is about people that want it cheap cheap cheap,,,and dont put their hands up to the line, they dont pay that extra for the taking onboard extra, simple.

Declair it, pay for it
You seem confused. This thread is about corkage fees that cruiselines charges when you bring a bottle of wine on board and drink it in the dining room. It used to be if the person didn't want to pay the corkage fee they could drink the wine in thier cabin. The OP was surprised that NCL changed this policy and charged her a corkage fee just for bring the wine on board. This is new and I know that Carnival still has the old policy they only charge the corkage fee if the wine in drank in the supper club or dining room.

What you are talking about is people sneaking booze on board which is in violation of the ticket contract of most cruiselines including NCL and Carnival. That is a whole different gripe and has nothing to do with wine and corkage fees. Although it would make a great topic for a new gripe.
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