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Originally Posted by firehoss
But on an Alaskan Cruise leaving the balcony door open was just fantastic for us. Except when our neighbors would come out to light up and the smoke would filter into our room.
While we agree with your feeling towards smoking and would if we could ban it from the entire ship, your above comment drew some concern. Balcony doors should not be left open for many reasons but in particular you were inviting the smoke in. The ventilation system of the ship depends on a near sealed environment. We're sure this fact was posted in your cabin. The air return not only drew the smoke into your room, it then distributed it throughout the ship.

And the comment made by "katlady" regarding possible fire on a balcony means you were exposing yourself and the ship to that risk should had one of these smokers ignited something and it spread to your balcony. For both the comfort and the safety of the entire ship, balcony doors should not be left in an open position.
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