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Eh, not confused. I appreciate when someone puts up their hand and says I will take the 'ship' tax on this, call it tax or corkage for the restaurant.

But to quote the poster "Now, I don't mind paying this fee in the restaurant, but when you want a glass of wine in your room and you are doing the uncorking? "

That is the scenario I am talking about, the amazement that if you bring booze on board a ship, it denies them potential income, and people question the policy,,why!

How many bucks per day would be lost to the line if everyone went ashore, and brought their own booze back for 'cabin consumption' only?

If that became the trend or norm, drink cheaper in your own cabin with your own much would have to be added to the price of the normal cruise to balance the ships books in reduced bar sales,,,so again not confused.

You are confused, if you dont get bringing non ship purchased booze onboard as a business problem or something that has repercussions in cruise prices etc, oh well

But, innocent intentions do not make cheap cabins and at the same time business profit, you have to be real about these things, they sell it cheap and they only want you to drink their booze either in the dining room or in your cabin to make up for the cabin price
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