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.COM are $75 for cave tubing and ATV and .NET are $95 for cave tubing and Zipline. Both are $45 for cave tubing only. The zipline and caves are next to each other - time saving, enjoying more of both. ATV and cave tubing are about 5 miles apart, meaning "need to hurry", so you might end up moving fast on the trail to the caves to have time for both. Your choice really. Both companies have rave reviews. We used Major Tom at 'cause we wanted the zipline. We also saw reviews that show Major Tom and his guides impress their guests with information on Belize, its culture, the rainforest (Major Tom's opening on the rainforest was "the rainforest will feed you, clothe you, shelter you, cure you, or hurt you if you do not know what you are doing") - we liked that. Also, they did not holler and scream in the caves, which the other outfit was fond of doing (?????). Thought that was quite dangerous. While the ATV must be great fun, so is the zipline - exhilarating. Like I said - your choice. At any rate, whoever you choose, be safe and have lots of fun.
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