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Default 2 months to the Glory B Cruise!!

Hey everyone! It is now two months until our Cruisemates group sails off to the Western Caribbean onboard the CCL Glory! I am thinking that we can set up our own personal chat that will be at 8PM Fridays and last until the regular 9PM chat. Just log into the chat room and we will be there! I would like to discuss with everyone what they want to do and any ideas they might have. This is really a "Group" cruise and we are going to do what the group wants to. I have also been in touch with the CD onboard the Glory, Mark Price, who is aware of us and looking forward to meeting everyone. On the Cruisemates Group page there are instructions on how to download a poster for your door and I recommend that everyone do so and place it on your cabin door. There is also a door decorating contest that we will be looking at on every sea day and the winner will be announced on the last day. That means that each seaday they will be judged and assigned points and the last or third day at sea the winner with the most points will win. That way you can gather new things all the time to improve your door! <G> Use only things you create yourself and none of those store-bought things. <G> Also please be respectful of the steward and used tape that can easily be removed without leaving sticky stuff all over for them to have to clean. We want the stewards and crew to really remember us for all the good reasons.
Now lets here a rollcall and if you want to announce your cabins you may do so but you are under no pressure to do so here on this public board. I am also looking for suggestions! How many are up for a tug-o-war?

24 cruises and counting!
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