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It may well be you

As Kuki pointed out add ~$100 to the fare before you book and if the total price is still OK you can have the best food of the three. It is not $20 a day as posted above since there is no need to eat in a specialty restaurant every night. Food is subjective and those nights the menu in the main dining room is not to your taste use the budget to get somethig you really want. The options are almost endless from Sushi to 32 oz Ribeye for two.

Prime rib night in the main dining room just ask for a double cut it was outstanding. The lobster night is back with beef Wellington.

No reason to eat over cooked beef. look at this from the Jade this summer

Even the Action Station resaurant (buffet) was not bad with everything from fresh carved turkey to sushi

If you don't buget to take advantage of all the options and food is important to you then you are missing the real value of NCL. If you just going to dig your heels in and refuse to pay extra for food you will be fine but really not the way to totally enjoy what NCL has to offer on the newer ships.
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