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I'm surprised they make exceptions for wine as opposed to other alcohol...Maybe it's soley because they can collect the corking fee. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wine too and some have a hard time accepting this but wine really is just booze. It always amazed me in California, winery owners were looked at like some kind of Gods or something...In truth, they are just glorified, more wealthy farmers...It's just a fancier form of agriculture even though none of them are the ones getting their hands dirty, trust me!

In California (at least San Fran' bay area), it is perfectly acceptable to bring your own wine to a restaurant. They will do the corking for you and the way I always avoided the fee was to tell the wait person to make sure and bring themselves a glass back to the table and try the wine with us. I never once got charged and they really enjoy sampling it. I understand this isn't how it's done in most states though and they are more restrictive...Especially true on crusie ships it sounds like.
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