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Okay katlady I will go with your expertise on this, and it could have a bearing on which line or ship I sail on next as it sounds a great deal.

Are you saying as over 21 I can take or buy booze bought ashore and take it on ship on all lines to drink?

This is an open thread regarding lines and ships policy, so when you quote

"It's the ship policy to allow one bottle of wine per person over 21"

Are you saying thats on all lines, if so amazed and a major change of policy for a lot of them I have been on. As I have seen all booze confiscated when boarding ship, to be returned only when you leave said ship. I cant be the only person to have seen this on numerous occassions and lines, oh and if my memory serves me right, I can quote Cunard and NCL to start with.

A lot of newbies read this board for advice, so could you clarify the lines and ships this practice is seen as acceptable on?
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