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Default Sail and Sign tips

I think some things need to be set straight on the automated tipping put on your sail and sign accounts. I am a person who works hard for my money, the same as the people who serve you on your vacation and make it pleasurable. If you ask the cruise line they will tell you the staff gets the money a day or two after your cruise. If you talk to the staff they will tell you Carnival is not paying them until 2-3 weeks afterwards. I removed all tips from my account on the Spirit a few weeks ago and gave the wait staff and cabin steward their tips personally. It gave me the satisfaction of seeing the appreciation in their eyes and gestures. It is also a nice way to end the week and say thank you for a job well done. I would not have it any other way. Automated this and automated that. What is the world coming to? How hard is it to tell someone thank you?
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