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Default Re: Sail and Sign tips

After a week of spending money, many people are tight with their money when it comes to tipping. I have noticed the disappointment on the faces of the staff on the last night. Many people don't understand that the staff depends on the tips, and are not willing to give them the amount they deserve. During college I was a waitress, and this was a big issue. We were paid $3.10/hr + tips. Regardless of the quality of service they received, many people never tipped 15%. Perhapps the math was too difficult for them. I would have gladly automatically added it to the check if that was an option, even if I didn't receive the money for 2 weeks. Many companies only pay once or twice a big deal. It's great that you see that the staff is tipped the appropriate amount, but many people don't. At least now they are more likely to get what they deserve.
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