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Well, We went to the Cagneys, and we wont again. Why? Because the food was not that superior at all. It was a nice timeand a large group, but the food in the main dinning rooms has been excellent that we would not pay to eat else where on NCL. Is everything perfect? Nope. I dont expect perfection. Some things we love, some things so so, one thing I remember I had to look for the shrimp in the pasta, so I asked for some more, well I got a bowl full of them. So, personally, we like the food, I am abit of a blan eater in that my stomache is easily upset, but Sam and DS are eaters and eat everything and anything and if they are happy then I know it is OK. I dont tell people to put aside money for specialty dining, fine if you want, BUT ITS NOT NEEDED. You dont only get a decent meal in specialty, and frankly, some of it I dont even like ( shushi etc ) If I dont like a meal being served, I dont eat it, I order something else. It lets them know that its terrible and I end up with something not terrible.
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