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Default all smoking ship!!

can we smoke whilst we work on this great smoke anywhere ship? now that would be heaven, instead of hiding in the sports bar, getting dirty looks and the over-loud "oh, so this must be the smoking area". yes there's very few smoking areas on ships these days, i remember when the shows used to finish and people would pour out and smoke by the elevators, ah those we're the days.

i know this is a very old thread, but just have to give my few cents.

YES, SMOKING IS BAD FOR ME, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME A BAD PERSON. i'm sick of people looking at me as if i have the plague. i'm glad i live in a country where it's ok to smoke anywhere, the non-smoking areas areas are usually one crappy table right inside the door of the restaurant....perfect, stay there and complain about the cold, now you know how i feel when in most countries i have to go outside to have a smoke!!

mmm all this talk of smoking, i'm off to have one!!
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