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Irish, I will let you know what I encounter. I have heard that the folks can be kind of pushy and that can be kind of frustrating for us who like our orderly lines. I have also heard that you just have to adapt and hold your own, not let people run over you and it will be OK. This is an Italian cruise line and you know what they say..."when in Rome" It would not hurt any of us to broaden our horizons and learn a few Italian phrases, instead of expecting the world to adapt to us. My 5 year old has been greeting me lately with "bon giorno".

Now if the staff is rude then I guess we'll handle that the same as we would on any cruise ship. I have also heard that they assign an English speaking liason to their english speaking guests and that it is very important to attend the orientation on the first day and the people who have attended were glad they did. So we'll wait and see what the deal is when we get there.

However, if they treat us well, we may decide to try them again some time. I am pretty happy about the X1 package, and really would like to see other cruise lines adopt this sort of program. We don't drink that much, but I do like to have a glass of wine or two with my evening meals and lunch is nice too. D/H likes wine and a beer once in a while too and an occasional soda, so to spend under a hundred bucks each for this program it should work well for us.

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