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Default Re: Singles Travel International

Originally Posted by Annmarie

I was wondering if anyone has used Singles Travel International? If so, can you give me your thoughts. I am hoping to take a New Years Eve cruise with them in December, 2009.
Hi Annmarie,

I am aware of Single Travel International, they are an adventure travel organization which does every type of travel where as VTG and Singles Cruise try to focus only on single cruises. It is also a dating site with people of varying ages. Looking over their website they cruise with small groups of people not as large as VTG or Singles Cruises.

As for going on New Years Eve cruises most are small because of the price increase for that time. If you like small groups this is for you. Personally, I like the large 150+ groups anything smaller that 30 people I just as well go alone and it would be alot cheaper.

Do some research on all of the single travel agents even make phone calls.

Good luck.
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