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Martinique has the highest crime rate in the Caribbean. That said, I loved it. Just made sure to do a ship's tour. Their Botanical Gardens were fabulous, as was the church built by nuns out of lava rock.
As said, the people are reserved, but can also be quite charming if you take the time to extend some courtesy, such as saying "Bonjour". Like people everywhere, they respond to respect. I actually liked the area right off the ship. Instead of jewelry stores and cheap t-shirts, there was a small flea market with a lot of craft items. Still have a seed pod necklace that was so creatively designed that it blew me away. Also, the people can be a tad shy. Took a photo of the young lady who was making the necklaces and she ducked her head and blushed heavily. But, we had a nice chat too.
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