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So its the usual response, WELL I WAS A GOOD KID. Well,,,,good for you.

Paul buddy, I hear it, I live it, the point you are making or conveying.

Its a reflection of the times that some don’t it.

So me being me, I will place it in bold black and in front of whatever the color this background is.

Yes, a lot of people control their kids and consider that child’s action wil reflect on them as people. So they will act and react in certain scenarios that some will look at say, good on you, and some will call potential child abuse

Others, they give their young so much freedom that they are just running enough rope for them as children to be brought up thinking "I can do what I like" and that same rope will be to be used to judge or hang the parent said parent on their parenting skills.

The third scenario, and this is the one and becoming the most popular, that really gets me, these “little people”, and the parents that bring up kids thinking they are "little people" and should have a voice or action that is “free” and with the ability to also interrupt adult conversation, as if I want to hear what this child is saying or doing,,,but the big smile parents are so proud that this “CHILD” has interrupted an adult conversation with “whatever reason”,,,sorry, they as parents are the ones that really need a good kick up the A@@. And a touch of reality, its as if they are working with dolls, God help that child when they meet the real world and without their parents, coaching, support and then see how the real world reacts when you do what you.

What I am saying I think a couple of things, and these are timeless

As a child, when an adult is speaking, shut up
You cant do what you always want because it suits your mood, as others may want different
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