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we just booked our cruise this time through DCL with airfare and hotel for the night before and to ride the cruise bus to the post and back again.This is our 17th cruise with DCL and the first time we did it this way.

I do believe you could get it for less by doing it all yourself . But fo rus it was a matter of convenience. They did it all for us, we just show up and go! everything is done for us. We are staying at the Hyatt the night before and can leave our luggage outside the door by 8 a.m. and it will be on the ship waiting for us. I like that.
We just told them w eneeded to arrive the night before and they did the rest. They try always to bring people the night before in case of delays and such.

I know we could of got the airfare for a little less if we booked it ourselves because we checked prices. Renting a car and dropping it off in cocoa beach and riding their shuttle to the port and back again to rent the car again after the crusie would have saved a few bucks too. But we didnt want the hassle this time.
so if you dont mind all the research and extra time to get back and forth, yes you can do it cheaper on your own.

I'm not sure about the pricing changes.If you book directly through DCL and they lower a price I believe you can do that but if you book through a TA, it would be up to your TA to discount your cruise. some will, somme will fight it because its less comission for them. That is soemthing you need to ask your TA.

we do get it discounted for florida residents when it is offered because w eare florida residents. Just we will be out of state at our crusie time and have to fly in this time.

hope this helps you some,


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