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Originally Posted by cruisequeen
As an X-smoker - I was one of those unrespossible smokers! I smoked on the Balcony, I flicked butts off the ship and I didn't care. I WAS BAD! But, now I have reformed!

I would like to see the cruise line have a "smoking deck" of cabins or a smoking side for cabins or a section of all smoking cabins. This would help out those who really can't tollerate the smoke. They do this in Casino's now and in many hotels.
So what happens when the smoking side is filled up and then the non-smokers who seem to think that the smokers should have no rights again complain that the are smelling smoke on that side of the boat. No difference than it is now. People should just learn to get along. I smoked for years on the balcony and was very responsible. I always put my cig out and if I was on a excursion I would put out my cig. pick up the butt and put it in my purse until I could throw it away properly. I would do this an a non-smoker would eat a chocolate bar and crunch up the wrapper and throw it away.
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