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Here, here, we smokers,,, and I know it has taken some time, but in the majority, we are actually socially aware lepers in this world that we live in, we know where we can do it and we know where we cant do it. Why because you have signs, we accept them

We are Socially Responsible

Just leave us some space to do it in, but others would bring their own version of social acceptance into it, and that appears to be, no place you can have the right to smoke

Okay, if you think that, then you have a big fight on your hands. As I will smoke, and if you drive me underground, then its not controlled and the risk to others will increase as I may smoke in the wrong place to try and get past the rules

Right or wrong, people smoke and as long as the product is available to buy and the countries take tax on it, they we will continue to smoke, FACT.

So deal with it, give and accept that there is a need to provide areas that people who smoke can do so without feeling like some sort of criminal for a habit that is such a habit that its one of the largest additional tax gaining incomes for most countries., including most that post on here.

You want my additional tax to pay for other things from this product, then you allow me the ability to use it
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