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I have to agree with Ron n Jon. If you don't want smoke wafting into your cabin, shut your balcony door. Balcony doors are to be kept shut while the ship is in motion.

Also don't use your balcony as "clothes line". That had as much to do with the fire on Princess than the actual smoking. Princess and other lines no longer allow clothing or towels to be left out on the balcony.

I am an ex-smoker and smokers should abide by smoking policies but others should also abide by the other rules of the ship.

If your neighbors have a problem with smoke it is polite to extinguish your cigarette when they are on their balcony but it is going beyond polite to extinguish your cigarette because you are smoking somewhere you are allowed to and someone requires their balcony door to constantly be kept open. In that case they are the ones being selfish.

It's a two way street.

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