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Well, I did not intend on this to be a smoker/non-smoker war but rather was just wondering what the policies were and the like. I go along with that; if it is not restricted then the smoker is not doing anything wrong. Everyone was nice and we never asked anyone to stop smoking as it seemed legal.

As someone said we are accustom to the onshore non-smoking laws that do not follow to these ships. And we are new to cruising and was just a little surprised is all. We will deal with it or go somewhere else. I am not trying to change the world here. And if someone is legally having a smoke then it is on me.

I will say this though, that if the cruise lines had to obey a universal law against smoking and all ships had to obey the same law they would probably not complain too much and just point the finger at the law when they got a complaint. I know several restaurant owners who were so glad when the city outlawed smoking. But before they dared not offend a paying customer and tried to accommodate both.

Yeah, not apples to apples I know but I suspect that a cruise line would just as soon simply say, “Sorry Mr. & Ms. Smoker, but you have to limit yourself to the aft 10 cabins and no smoking anywhere else on the ship as it is now Maritime Law.” Would that empty the ships and cause the law to be repealed? Who knows? I am just saying that the cruise lines are just trying to fill the cabins no matter who is in them. That I do believe.

And one last thing. I am sorry that I have committed such a heinous crime as leaving the balcony door open. So all this is my fault I guess. I enjoyed the fresh air. I enjoyed sitting there watching world go by with the door open. As long as I am in that room and want the door open then I will do that. When I leave the room I do close it. I do it at hotels, I do it at home. I guess I am just a rouge malcontent with my door open for a few hours. Gosh I feel bad. I will have to call my Priest and setup a confession.
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