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Originally Posted by lecx
You may not be interested, but here's my two cents on sugar-free desserts - yes, I said sugar free. I've lost over 100 lbs. and I am determined not to gain it back. Cruised Ectasy in February and actually LOST 2 lbs. - all the walking, all the water, watched my food pretty carefully but not perfectly.

Anyway! Sugar free: orange cake, good; coconut cake, not good; tropical fruits and sugar free ice cream, very good; fat free yogurt, fine;

On the last night we were offered the Baked Alaska. Tasteless, save your calories. I indulged big time on last night - got the Choc. Amaretto Cake and split the Warm Choc. Melting Cake plate. Good memories.

December, here we come.
I absolutely love the orange spa cake, it is my favorite Carnival dessert....and I'm a chocoholic of the nth degree. I have to wait until the New Year's Eve cruise for my fix....did you know that you can find it, every day, at the Lido buffet line?
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