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Originally Posted by canada gal
Guess if you leave your door open, expect smoke so don't complain. :o
Except on this forum where we just trying to find out where we stood, we did not mention one thing during our trip. Our neighbor didn't light up just to offend anyone so we never mentioned it to them as I said before they were within their rights. It didn't ruin our trip.

There was one time only that I thought about saying something but didn’t and that was when there were several people smoking outside on the promenade deck at a place where there were NO SMOKING signs every 5 feet or so in that area. But a couple of crew members passed by and didn’t say a word to them so why should I? Was there a fire safety thing or not right there, I do not know? To me it wasn’t worth us making a fuss over.

But I am sure the right to smoke and the right to breathe smokeless air will continue to be an area of contention. And I do believe we would need to start our own forum website to discuss the pros and cons of people’s life choices and their effects on the economy, health care, and neighbors. So maybe we should just end this here.

We shall cruise again. We appreciate all the information received thus far and advice. We will not let any of this upset us. And we will try to take any measures we can to get as far away from the smoke as possible. And for now, we will just deal with it where we cannot get away from it.

To our smokin' friends....see ya!
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