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We can afford to cruise anywhere, anytime. The is due to the fact that we didn't splurge back in the days when we were both working and saving.
And, yes, we saved something every month while not spending our money on night clubs and expensive steak houses. We had no parents to leave us cruise tickets and 50 inch TV's.

We have credit cards with no annual fee which give us points for goodies, but we have NEVER paid one cent of interest. If we couldn't pay for it, we didn't buy it. Our investments are mostly with CD's which don't pay a lot of interest but which do not go down when the stock market does. We were fortunate to break even or make a small profit with the stocks and municipal funds we did buy, so we don't have any at the present time.

I guess that we have been lucky, but we have also been prudent. We both always felt that money is to be earned and that nobody including the government and our parents owed us anything.
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