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We were in Cozumel when all of this transpired and only found out about it when we could not reboard the ship. A letter in our stateroom from the captain stated that while the crew was performing maintenance and while they were cutting a large pipe residue on that pipe "became overheated" and resulted in a large amount of smoke traveling to areas on several higher decks. Yet several employees continued to talk about the "fire" on board. During all of this it was suprising the willingness of the crew to discuss all of the apparent problems. When we commented on the smell of sewage we were told that the "tanks were being left open for some reason" by a crew member. There was one thing that bothered me more than everything else. It was the fact that since we were so late boarding the ship and everyone was hungry since most of us had not eaten since breakfast. We were told that during the lifeboat drill many people refused to stop eating their dinner and the crew did not insist that they participate. This must be some sort of MAJOR safety infraction and needs to be addressed by Carnival. It was pretty bad that it became a running joke that the only thing left to go wrong was for the ship to sink. It was as close to mutany on the high seas as I ever want to see again.
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