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Looking out the window of my hotel room...watching the MASS of people leaving Jets Stadium. It'll take them at least a day to get home.
That Meadowlands Sports Complex is something to see. Just HUGE.
I did not know that the Jets and Giants share a stadium.
Keeps the grounds crew hopping.

It does not look to me that the Yankees new ball park will be done in time for next year.

New York has many stadiums. I see four or five here...not counting the indoor ski slope or race track.

On the way to Long Island...I was in Flushing or the Bronx (not really sure, I was on 678 south) and saw three more off to the south. I'm pretty sure one was Shea Stadium.
On the way back, I drove by Yankee Stadium.

That makes at least 8 stadiums in the New York area and I have not mentioned arenas.
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