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Hey y'all!!!

Just got off the SECOND Fantasy cruise out of drydock....

the bad news is that sadly the folks on the first cruise were not exaggerating at all. Carnival goofed BIG TIME!!! This ship was not ready period....but they had the big Poker Tournament booked on it and did not want to lose the revenue.

The good news is that our cruise (the second one) was MUCH better and I predict that (although it will take a couple more to get it right) eventually it will be back to normal.

Fortunately, none of the incomplete areas were areas that we use. We don't do the kids we were not affected. The big slide is open and the new middle pool looks very nice.

There was the ole familar "whiff" of sewage that you can get from time to time that was pretty presistant in the forward elevator area. Our cabin was ratty. Holes ripped in the carpet etc. But that does not affect our cruise. It was just sad to see.

Karaoke ROCKED!!!!!

Rob in the piano bar ROCKED!!! Be sure to tell him that Linda from Memphis said hi!!!

Michael in the Atrium bar played a lot of wonderful soft jazz. Robbin is the Promenade soloist and he used to be the bass player for a band called the Youngbloods. He is really good.

Music Manilla ROCKED!!!

We sailed on the Imagination a couple of cruises out of drydock and they were still "tweaking" we understand that. The Imagination looked like a brand new that is what we were expecting to see. We were disappointed but it certainly did not stop us from having a BLAST!!

The Fantasy still looked like...the Fantasy. Three of the four Aft elevators were not working. Lido was a mess. The drink machines were constantly broken or out (I must have my coffee in the morning).

Crew and staff were great. Big Tex, Gary, Sam and Jeremy all very visible.

We had a great time and I would sail on her TODAY if I could, because the difficulties again were not in areas that affected me.

But that first cruise was not good....even Big Tex emailed me that he was glad we were on the second one. Those folks on the first one deserve some serious apologies from Carnival.

Carnival made two mistakes. They should have had the Fantasy EOV done on the East coast that did the Inspiration and Imagination. Those ships came out nicely. Secondly, they should have immediately acknowledged there was going to be an issue with the first cruise.

I am not saying they should have cancelled it. I am saying there should have been some serious onboard credit and a future smaller discount.

There would have been some who still would not have been happy...but at least folks would have felt like Carnival acknowledged the problem and made an attempt to say "sorry folks...we goofed"!!!

It is easy for me to overlook a lot because we cruise so often...but I do feel for those folks for whom this is a once a year (or maybe a once in a lifetime) event. I try to keep those folks in mind when something like this happens.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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