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Originally Posted by Bob M
A BIG Thanks Yoeman.....
That was a good honest review of the Fantasy....
I am sure it will improve over the next few months....

Did they change the seats in the buffet area, I always loved the Conquest in the way they did their SOFT seats ("J" couch style) in the buffet area... You could stretch out near the windows, get some hot chocolate & relax (after the buffet closes of course)....
Thanks again,
Bob & Kathy
I am embarassed to say that "I don't remember".

What I do remember about Lido is that it is nothing like the Imagination.

On the Imagination, where the pizza, deli and bar used to all run together across the back of Lido inside.....NOW it is a Bar, a very very very nice seating area and the pizza and the Deli was a stand alone kiosk in the center of the room.

The Fantasy still had the old configuration of pizza, deli and bar running across the back.

The best part that with all our On Board Credit.....our Sail and Sign balance was $1.09!!!!!!! I am not kidding!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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24 year old son ... DIAMOND
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