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i am disappointed. I guess by the time i sail on Nov. 20 things will be better. I'm hopeful. I work in a business where compensation and customer service and satisfaction are absolutely key. In some ways, that can be good because no matter where I go and who i am with, I have become a more polite, generous and courteous and helpful person - at work or not. However, it's bad when it comes to going other places because I have such a higher expectation of the people serving me and the environment and just every aspect. So I was looking forward to great service, which i usually get on Carnival. I understand a few tweaks here and there but the carpet should have been done - brand new and pristine - not raggedy on a ship that I am sure 90% of cruisers KNOW has just been refurbished. Drink machines should work and the waterlides for goodness sake should be open and properly fiiunctioning NOT causing problems in other areas - after all that is a major part of the cruise for a lot people - swimming and hanging by the pool/slide area on at sea days. I am not trying to sound know it all and critical but let's face it as a customer embarking on a cruise that we have to pay for and especially not a first time cruise, we have high expectationd from such a reputable line. However, I have a feeling that Carnival will come up with a good compensation after this. They've got too.
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