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Originally Posted by frequentcruiser
I have not been on the Star, but I must say, I'm religious about handwashing and sanitizing on a ship. My husband got sick on the Noordam last February (not stomach flue) and we had to go to the doctor twice. (by the way, not as unpleasant as I was afraid of). The cruise unfortunately was spoiled for him, He only really enjoyed the first 4 days. If having your hands sprayed can prevent your missing the cruise, it's worth it. And since you know you have to do it, every time you enter the buffet, why did anyone have to chase after you to do it. Keep in mind, if the virus had broken out already, they were protecting your cruise too.
First off, if you ask any expert, those hand sanitisers do not prevent the virus from spreading.

Second, if I was just going to the pool from my room and i had no plans to eat, then I did not want to have my hands sprayed. Therefore, it did bother me that just because I wanted to go to the pool, I had to have that disgusting stuff sprayed on me.

No other vacation I have had ever had people insisting I spray before entering a room with food. Also, if they did this in the snack bar and the buffet, then why wouldn't they do it in the paid restaurants and the dining room?

I'll tell you why, because they did not want to upset the people. Why don't you do it then in every bar or even every elevator?

By doing it on only some parts of the ship won't prevent anything!

How about the pool? I mean, with all those bodies in the water, that is the most infected place you can be, but I don't see them making us all disrobe and spray us down head to toes!
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