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Default Mayan sites

Let me say that I went to both Chitzen Itza and Ek Balam. I enjoyed both, but the light and sound show at Chitzen to me seemed more like a giant color wheel on the Christmas tree, (oh look the pyramid is pink, now it's green, now it's blue! ) Chitzen is a pretty vast sight, and the best deals on souveniers can be bargained for there if you have the time. The over all feeling to me was one of sacrifice, blood and war there. Too bad you can no longer climb the structures or the govenment doesn't build metal stairs along side so you can climb without damaging the artifact. Like in Tikal.

Elk Balam I simply feel in love with, it's very magical. Even the red earth was beautiful, butterflys, trees paths and nature, the royal family lived here in the structures, it's still being excavated, and climbing the Temple with the kings tomb on top I felt like I was discovering King Tut's tomb! It's smaller and you get a hands on experience here. So I've been to Talum, Chitzen and Ek Balam. Ek Balam was by far my favorite. My hope is that people will respect Ek Balam unlike they did at Chitzen when the structures were accessable to the public. I feel very lucky to have been there and explored this city while one can still do so. It's amazing! Hope to get to Tikal, Coba and others in the future!
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