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Originally Posted by shandy5165
I just returned from a trip on the Dream to Bermuda (Boston to Bermuda) from 10-06 through 10-12. This was my 5th NCL crusie and honestly the worst.

First let me say, Bermuda was fun and I had a blast with my friends and family (there were 4 of us). But, many issues with the ship this time, and I have never experienced this before.

Buffets constantly running out of cups, silver ware. Coffee bar out of flavored syrups, broken blenders (no frozen coffee drinks for me!). Most of main dining room food was great!

Staff: my room stewrad was rude to me! I cam ein to my room before he was done cleaning (he was not in there) and told me he was only finished if the door was closed (it was open when I cam ein, it looked complted!) I never met my other steward.

Denny Anderson (crusie director) was a dud! Sorry he was...I usually love the crusie directors. No sail away party, no games by the pool, no contests, no arts/crafts, no lectures etc.

I was BORED this cruise. I actually went to sepak with the crusie consultant about some of my concers, as I typically book my next crusie on board. He told me he was not qualified to answer my questions and I shoul talk to the cruise director! This did not make me happy.

As I ahve said, this was my 5th NCL crusie and I usually love them, not so sure now. Maybe it is time for a new line.

I did send a 2 page typed letter to customer relations with the specifics.
Not knowing your age or background it is hard to judge why you didn't have a good time but remember a couple of things: 1-you picked an older ship not freestyle friendly and this time of year the demorgraphics are very different, with older people who don't care and fun and games as much sailing. One more thing to consider, the more we do anything the more the "awe factor" wears off.

Your cabin steward was rude, the cruise consultant couldn't help you, the CD was a dud and you choose to write a 2 page letter might indicate an attitude concern to many.

As someone who has been on both sides of the issues (worked customer service and have done my share of letter writing), 2 pages will probably end up in what we used to call, the round box...

Don't give up on NCL but do a little more homework so you will know what kind of ship you have chosen. Good luck next time.

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