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Susie it is nice when you get the VIP treatment. I like that too It can really make a cruise a very special experience. The services provided are a real treat.

I must say I would be turned off by a room steward who was curt or trying to deny me acces to my own cabin.

In my experience a "dud" Cruise Director does not affect the overall outcome of my cruising experience, but a great one certainly does add to my enjoyment. I have had two that have been memorable, one was John Heald, because I like the man and he really entertained us while onboard the Liberty. The other was Ray...darn I can't remember his last name, he is on the newest NCL ship right now I think. I saw him on the Travel Channel the other day and I recalled our own experiences with him on the Spirit this past March. He did a great job as a CD and he really had a couple of difficult, delicate situations (other than his usual duties) to deal with during this 2 week cruise, and he did a fantastic job.

The shortages at the buffet and coffee bar are a pain, and I have encountered a similar situation on RCCL Enchantment a few years back. But thankfully I have not yet encountered this on NCL, and hope I don't.

This ship, sailing and crew was obviously not a good match for you. It looks like you may need to do more research looking for your next cruise to ensure you find a better match for your own personal likes/dislikes and a crew that is offering excellent service skills. I will say that most of your issues should have been dealt with while you were on board and I do agree the onboard Cruise consultant is not the proper person to deal with your issues, however he should have done more to ensure your issues were brought to the attention of the proper department heads. I have utter contempt for most of the onboard cruise consultants and have found them to be nightmares to deal with, I am not sure why they are even on board, since they no longer book cruises on board, they rarely even stock catalogues, One in particular name John Dale on the Pearl created a huge mess with our Cruise Rewards, had to go all the way up to Crane Gladding's office to fix it, then they cancelled the darned cruise lol.

I am glad you enjoyed Bermuda and I can understand your frustrations.

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