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ok. here's my little formula. i love to play the video poker machines. so, on the first night i stake out a machine near the casino doors, where i know the sounds of coins hitting the tray is designed to attract customers.
i put 50 into the machine and cash out; i never play credit. then i put the coins in until the 50 is gone. there is always something in the tray, maybe even more than 50. it goes back to my room; i never throw it back into the machines. i do this every time i go to the casino. at the end of the cruise, i have lots of coins -- sometimes less than i have put in the machines; many times a few more. i cash them out on the last day and give the funds as tips to lido staff, etc., whom i have met and who i know need the money more than i do, for themselves and their families in foreign countries. i've had fun, thanks to these good folks, and we all win in the end. happy, to be sure. padre doug
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