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Shakes head. I do not open my mouth without knowledge. I have no degree yet, but I prefer to keep a positive outlook on things. I have in fact been researching regulations on cruiselines and also know how easy it is for the human animal(and that is what human beings are......a herd of animals who go along with anything they are told.....herd mentality and all). I have no interest in psychology beyond how it applies to my acting. I do not appreciate being called naive when I keep an open mind and often have foresight where others will not. Wisdom is knowledge tempered through experience, and I have had some experiences I learned alot from that were terrible to go through. Nobody is right all the time and everyone sees things differently. If I am ignorant of something, it is simply because I have not been given the information to make the correct judgement yet. In any case "Hombre", either be positive towards me or do not post anything about me, if you please.
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