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Originally Posted by SeaWench
Here, I found it myself

Kiss on the Lips recipe
This drink recipe is one of the bigger hits on Carnival Cruise Lines. It seems like every person who tries it comes back with a mission to find the recipe. :o) Quantities are an estimate, adjust to taste.

Scale ingredients to servings
1 - 1 1/2 oz peach schnapps
4 - 6 oz frozen mango mix
1 tbsp grenadine syrup

The mango mix should be blended with crushed ice firstly with the schnapps. Pour the schnapps and mango mix into a cocktail glass with the grenadine already placed at the bottom.
I have found this one to be perfect
2oz Peach Schnapps
4oz Mango puree
Splash of grenadine

Blend Schnapps and puree in a blender with one tray of ice. In a clear glass, swirl the grenadine around. This will give the mix color streaks when it is poured in.

You have to use a puree as juice will make it to be too watery. Here is the best place to find various puree's for drinks. Your local liquor store will also have them.

NCL Star 11/18/12
CCL Breeze 01/19/13

CCL Magic 03/04/12
CCL Triumph 09/05/11; 02/13/10
CCL Conquest 09/02/07
CCL Ecstasy 02/05/11
CCL Fantasy 11/11/09;02/07/09; 11/01/08; 04/10/08; 10/11/07; 09/17/07; 01/18/07; 11/27/06; 10/30/06
CCL Holiday 11/02/09; 09/22/08; 08/30/08; 01/29/07; 12/04/06; 10/23/06; 09/30/06; 09/11/06; 09/3/05
CCL Elation 10/09/10; 01/23/06
NCL Spirit 11/22/09; 11/03/07
NCL Sun 02/09/08; 01/23/07; 10/23/05
NCL Dream 10/31/04
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