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Default Internet Speeds Onboard the Statendam

I know many of you have heard me criticizing internet speed onboard ships many times in the past. I have been on cruises where it has literally taken forever to do the simplest functions using the satellite-based internet service onboard cruise ships of any line.

When I was on the Carnival Paradise last month, I only accessed the internet once, and that was not to “surf” the web, but rather to merely check personal email in a couple of boxes. I figured I would buy a relatively inexpensive 30 minute time plan. That should be more than enough time with some left over. Boy, was I wrong. I spent about 45 minutes just scanning emails in two separate boxes, responding to only one or two. I was pretty ticked off when I saw how much time that had taken.

Then I come onto the Statendam on September 20. About three days into the cruise, I needed to check email again so I decided to purchase a 250-minute plan. It took me all of maybe 15 minutes tops to check those same email addresses. That’s not too bad considering ship’s internet can’t really be compared to the broadband speeds available on land. In fact, I even made it a point to mention my pleasure at the relatively fast internet speeds to a person I ran into on the aft Lido deck who was wearing an MTN tee-shirt (Maritime Telecommunications Network). He was overjoyed at my satisfaction with his company’s services.

Throughout this voyage onboard the Statendam I have been very, very dependent upon shipboard internet service for a variety of functions, many of these web-based. I have had to post things to this CruiseMates thread, check email boxes, and even “FTP” photographs up to a CruiseMates photo gallery. Many of these functions are simply time-consuming by nature, and in every case I was pleasantly surprised at how little time they actually took. I fear that in the past, on other sailings such as my recent one onboard the Carnival Paradise, I would have gone broke just on internet minute purchases.

I don’t know what improvements you’ve made, Holland America, but keep it up … and maybe I can ask you to tell your cohorts on Carnival what to do onboard the Paradise to speed things up there?

Blue skies …

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