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Default Good Thursday Morn and welcome home to James and Judy

A Fantastic Morning to one and all and a fantastic one it is! Keith said Judy came through her surgery with no difficulty as did James.

Yup, Fran and I both wore Pink to our special Healing Service yesterday Noon and asked our Rector to add Judy to our long time prayer list. I'm sure we weren't alone.

Some of us know first hand (myself being one) just how much of a loving caring and supportive family we have here at Cruisemates. Everyone appreciates a little support now and again through difficult times especially when they involve loved ones. I know it's hard to believe that even this fatalistic, pragmatic old curmudgeon appreciates that TLC but alas, it's true.

Oh James, a word to the wise. Don't get carried away. You soon may feel you are back to normal but I assure you, you aren't. Make extra sure you take it very very easy for several weeks. Hey, and aren't you retired anyway? That means that officially you can sit around all day and be waited on, right? Of course, if you do, let us know what funeral home you'll be using.

The nip of Fall is definitely in the air here in East Tennessee. Blessings to the whole crew and of course special prayers for Judy, James and all who need them.

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