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Well weather seems to be a re-run of yesterday, that not a bad thing. I am realy fighting off a cold though, and the farmers are harvesting all around me (probably the cause of my affliction).

The kids had a ball last night at the magic/comedy show. Dinner was good and a good time was had by all. It is really strange to see a huge percentage of our little town's population show up for these events and pack the house. There will be another show in the spring, we'll be sure to show up and enjoy again.

Well my little sleeping beauty turns 6 on Saturday! It doesn't seem possible. It seems like just yesterday we were holding our brand new baby girl at the hospital, and here she is, now I can barely even pick her up! Oh she's so smart and sweet, we are so lucky to have her. She does have a stubborn streak though, not sure where that comes

The wonder boy is awake and in the sun room blowing stuff up on his computer. He is very sweet today and gave me lots of lovins when he woke up this morning.

Looks like d/h is working in Michigan next week, only about an hour and a half from where his folks live, I hope the can get together at least once for dinner while he is up there. Glad that worked out. I think he'll enjoy his time up there. I guess I better get his winter coat out, since it gets a bit cooler up there.

I am thrilled to hear that James and Judy did well yesterday and are now on the road to recovery. Prayers will continue for the road ahead. Donna I am so sorry to hear about James brother's wife.

Well I had better get to work here, Mail will be here within the hour and I have lots of preparations today for my little girl's birthday. It should be a busy day.

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