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rita, thank you for such a wonderful tour; i almost felt i was back there again after 15 years -- how time flies. i was planning a cruise to tahiti some years ago, when, suddenly, renaissance cruises went belly up. now you have 'fed' my desire to go back again, though at age 65 i'm not as up to it as i was long ago. and retired, i'm not quite as financially able, especially in this terrible economy. still, i much admire you, having your own physical issues and still getting out, going on tours, and writing about it all so that we can have vicariously the thrills. i especially remember my visit to moorea; we had a van guide who called himself 'the white monkey' because he was scandanavian married to a tihitian wife; he was so great; even climbed a coconut palm and threw me down a green one. it is brown now, and a bookend, but the memory lives on. thanks again, and God bless. now, for a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hombre
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